Defy Sarcopenia: Embrace Strength and Vitality at Any Age

Written by on June 20, 2023

Have you observed a noticeable increase in the appearance of wrinkled and sagging skin when you gaze into the mirror? Do you notice that your muscles lack firmness and that your strength doesn’t match what it once was? These are common indications of Sarcopenia, a condition associated with aging that typically affects individuals around the age of 60. Sarcopenia is characterized by a gradual loss of muscle mass, muscle wasting, and a decline in strength as we grow older. However, recent scientific findings suggest that we can slow down the progression of this condition and even enhance muscle growth and strength well into our later years through proper nutrition, exercise, and targeted nutritional supplements.

When selecting supplements, it is crucial to exercise caution due to the presence of potentially harmful levels of stimulants, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, genetically modified sugars, binders, and fillers in many products available on the market today. Dr. Michael Lange, an Optometric Physician and Certified Nutrition Specialist at Lange Eye Institute, specializes in providing care for the population most vulnerable to sarcopenia. Having identified this condition among his patients, Dr. Lange collaborated with the Fortifeye Vitamin team for three years to create a supplement that offers the latest advancements in nutritional support for sarcopenia. The outcome is Fortifeye Fit, known as the Ultimate Muscle Fuel, an evidence-based nutritional supplement that comes in two delightful flavors: strawberry watermelon cream and fruit punch.

Fortifeye Fit has become widely renowned across the nation and comes highly recommended by physicians, trainers, physical therapists, and coaches. It is trusted and utilized by athletes of various ages and proficiency levels, ranging from professional to amateur, as well as individuals who strive to optimize their body’s nutritional support with the latest advancements. Dr. Lange has personally observed remarkable transformations in his patients and regularly receives testimonials commending the noticeable improvements in strength and muscle definition. In fact, numerous world champion athletes and record holders, who recognize the value of adequate nutrition, now depend on Fortifeye Fit and other supplements from the Fortifeye Performance Nutrition line.

The demographic that is rapidly embracing nutritional support to combat sarcopenia is individuals aged 60 and above, experiencing the highest growth rate. A remarkable example of this trend is Dr. Lange’s 96-year-old mother, who has been incorporating Fortifeye Fit into her routine for the past four years. Despite her age, she remains active, participating in workouts at the gym, playing tennis, and swimming, gracefully maintaining her vitality as she ages. Dr. Lange has personally witnessed significant enhancements in her strength and muscle tone ever since she began using Fortifeye Fit. He emphasizes that such positive outcomes are quite common among the elderly when provided with appropriate nutrition.

It is crucial for individuals of all ages to adjust their dietary habits and prioritize the consumption of high-quality, organically raised proteins, fruits, and vegetables, while reducing the intake of overly processed, fast food, sugary, and convenient foods. The Lange Survival Diet, endorsed by numerous doctors and nutrition experts, is being recommended as a means to promote overall body health and combat sarcopenia. For more information about the Lange Survival Diet,

Alongside dietary modifications, it is of utmost importance to establish or sustain an exercise routine, ideally with the support of a trainer, coach, physician, or physical therapist. Prior to commencing any exercise regimen, it is highly recommended to consult with a physician. Promising advancements in the realm of nutritional supplements offer compelling evidence regarding their potential advantages in combating sarcopenia. Some of these supplements encompass collagen, creatine, whey protein, astaxanthin, HMB, vitamin D, branch chain amino acids, betaine anhydrous, and numerous others.

The realm of anti-aging nutrition holds promising prospects in the form of pre- and post-workout supplements, offering significant potential in supporting graceful aging. While sarcopenia presents a challenge to the aging population, we possess resources to combat its effects. Fortifeye Fit is a nutritional supplement that combines nine scientifically supported ingredients known for promoting muscle development, all in a palatable powder form that can be easily mixed with water or a preferred beverage. Additionally, Fortifeye Super Protein and Fortifeye Grass Fed Whey Isolate, both derived from non-denatured grass-fed whey, play a crucial role in supporting muscle synthesis and strength.

The esteemed physicians of the Fortifeye Vitamin team recommend combining Fortifeye Fit with a scoop of whey protein immediately after any type of workout or strenuous activity to optimize recovery and enhance gains. Fortifeye Fit offers benefits regardless of age, making it a valuable addition to one’s routine. Join the Fit Revolution by following the provided link for further information about Fortifeye Fit.

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