Dr Michael Lange invests in technology to detect macular degeneration 3 years before your doctor.

Adapt Dx Pro

Dr Michael Lange has built his reputation on using the latest technology to diagnose eye disease in the earliest stages . This technology allows for much earlier treatment to be initiated and much better visual outcomes. Dr Lange stays abreast of all the latest technological advancements and when he feels the technology is safe and clinically proven to be effective he invests in it. He has a passion in the arena of natural macular degeneration intervention. He is involved in the research and development of nutritional supplements for macular degeneration, dry eye , sports nutrition and total body wellness. The latest technology by Maculogix called Adapt DX Pro enables the doctor to detect sub clinical macular degeneration 3 or more years before traditional methods. Dr Michael Lange and The Lange Eye Institute are one of the first eye care centers in the country to utilize this brand new technology. This technology will enable the doctor to take a pro active stance in defending your eyes against progressing macular degeneration. Dr Lange and his team pending the results of the Dark Adapt DX Pro will customize a specific diet and supplements, discuss weight management, exercise, importance of wearing blue filtering lenses , discuss smoking cessation if necessary, counsel on the importance of controlling systemic health problems and much more. Dr Lange feels this is one of the most important technological advancements in diagnostic eye care technology and is a must for any doctor that is promoting prevention through early detection. here is a link to the company https://www.maculogix.com

The Lange Diet Plan

After years of seeing what works and what doesn’t, Dr Michael Lange developed the Lange Diet. This diet was originally developed by Dr Lange to help provide proper nutrition information to his macular degeneration patients. He has modified the “Lange Diet” a few times to be paleo friendly, fodmap free and gluten free.

The Lange Diet was also developed to help improve digestion since a large percentage of patients have digestive issues. The combination of being fodmap free, gluten free and using many fermented foods really helps with acid reflux, bloating and other IBS symptoms. This diet is also great for diabetics and those suffering with weight issues. Many people loose 5-6 pounds a week and some as much as 14 pounds in the first week following this protocol. Many of those following the Lange Diet are also having improved blood sugar readings and an overall improved since of well being.

Dr. Lange believes that a combination of proper diet, hydration, weight management, sleep, exercise and some sunshine will help to improve ocular health, visual performance, mental clarity and overall health significantly.

View The Lange Diet Plan (pdf)

Dr Michael Lange does free nutrition consults on certain days at Fortifeye distribution center.

Fortifeye Super Omega Fish Oil
Fortifeye Super Omega Fish Oil

The Fortifeye team invites you to come by Fortifeye Vitamins (nutrition center)  Tuesday January 24th from 10-12 for FREE nutritional consults with Dr. Michael  Lange! Fortifeye Vitamins is located at 1510 SW 17th street, suite 301, Ocala, Fl 34471! Please call 866-503-9746 for directions or questions! Come by any time for free Super Protein shakes!  Dr Lange will be doing these free nutrition consults a few times a month at this location.
New Fortifeye Vitamin store hours starting January 23, 2017: Monday- Friday 9-5:30!

Dr Michael Lange hosting popular radio talk show “Ask the Dr” on anti-aging for the eye and entire body. 01-14-17

Dr. Michael Lange welcomes Dr. Jamie St. Martin to the team at the Lange Eye Institute

Jamie M. St. Martin, OD, FAAO

Dr. Jamie M. St. MartinDr. Jamie M. St. Martin grew up in Racine, Wisconsin and earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Winconsin-Milwaukee. Following graduation, she attended the Illinois College of Optometry and earned her Doctorate of Optometry. Following completion of her studies, she completed a post-graduate residency in ocular disease and primary care at the opportunity to work closely with retina, cornea, oculoplastic and neuro-opthalmologists, as well as, general ophthalmologists.

Her profesional interests lie in both primary care and ocular disease and she is enthusiastic about delivering high quality patient care. She is a member of the American Optometric Association, Florida Optometric Association and the Illinois College of Optometry Alumni Association. Dr. St. Martin is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry, a prestigious designation provided to those who have met rigorous qualifications and have demonstrated high standards of professional competence. Additionally, Dr. St. Martin has displayed multiple poster presentations at national optometric conventions and has even earned publication in the international, frequently cited Optometry & Vision Science journal.

In her spare time, she enjoys sports related activities, dining out and playing with her puppy.