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Dr. Michael Lange

Board Certified Optometric Physician, Certified Nutrition Specialist, CEO and Chairman of Fortifeye Vitamins, Radio Talk Show Host, and Extreme Sports Enthusiast

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Dr. Michael Lange, Board Certified Optometric Physician & Certified Nutrition Specialist


Dr. Michael Lange has developed eye care centers that use the very latest in optical, surgical, medical and nutritional intervention to help his patients. Lange Eye Care and Associates has had locations in Panama City, Gainesville, Williston, Inverness, University of Florida Campus, West Ocala, Ocala, Downtown Ocala, Summerfield, The Villages, Tampa, Citrus Hills and Clearwater.

Dr. Lange is also one of a select group of Optometric Physicians in the country that are Certified Nutrition Specialists. He lectures to doctors and the public on the importance of proper nutrition, dietary modifications and lifestyle changes for overall health and good eye health.

Lange sits as the Chairman of the Board for five other global eye related companies and is on the Advisory Board of many more. Dr. Lange is asked to be a speaker on practice management, nutrition, eye care and marketing all over the globe and travels the world doing research on eye related issues and nutrition.

Dr. Lange has developed an organization dedicated to enhancing lives through great eye care, life style modifications, and proper nutrition. His exponential growth and extreme success has been written about in many nationally publicized magazines.

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Host of popular talk show “Ask The Dr.”

Dr. Michael Lange has been hosting his live talk radio show called “Ask the Doctor”, a live call-in show that can be heard on multiple networks throughout the country since April 1993. Dr. Michael Lange’s podcast can be heard through out the world via the internet. This talk show is dedicated to you, the listener, and is all about educating the public about the latest in eye care and nutrition.

fortifeye performance nutrition line

Fortifeye Vitamins Represents The Latest In Nutrition Research

When Dr. Lange is not seeing patients, he is involved in many nutrition and eye studies. He is very interested in the area of absorption and bioavailability of specific nutrients that are good for the eye and total body health. Michael P. Lange, OD, CNS was not satisfied with the typical vitamins and Omega-3 supplements that were available over the counter, so he started the Fortify Vitamin company in 2005.

Extreme Sports Enthusiast

Dr. Lange is involved in automobile racing (SCCA and Nasa full competition license) motocross, mountain biking, cycling, jet skiing, weight lifting, white water rafting, canoeing, kayaking, snow skiing, water skiing, tennis and many other outdoor sports. He also tries to find the time each day to get 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weight lifting each day. Dr. Lange states, “If I don’t practice what I preach then how credible would I be?

Dr. Lange’s most recent passion as of March 2017 is Formula and GT automobile racing. He is currently racing at tracks like Sebring, Daytona, Virginia International Speedway, NOLA speedway, Homestead/ Miami speedway, Road Atlanta, Barber speedway, Bondurant Speedway and many others. Dr. Lange states “You have to be in amazing condition both physically and mentally to handle a race car at top speeds for extended periods of time.”


The Villages, FL

Dr. Michael Lange – Chief Optometric Physician and founder of The Lange Eye Institute

“If you want the highest standard of eye care available, come to The Lange Eye Institute.”
– Dr. Michael Lange

We stay abreast of the latest changes and are constantly updating our center when newer or better technology is available. All of our doctors go above and beyond in the examination process and will go over each and every diagnosis and any treatment options available. The doctors at The Lange Eye Institute also go above the mandatory amounts of continuing education yearly to ensure they are staying on top of the latest changes. The Lange Eye Institute has the very latest in medical, surgical, optical and nutritional eye care.

The Lange Eye Institute welcomes Dr. Susan Summerton to the villages.


About Dr. Susan Summerton

 Dr. Summerton is one of a very select group of eye doctors in the country that have specialized in nutritional / integrative eye care. She has multiple degrees, diplomas and certificates in the nutritional arena to bring this added value in nutritional wellness and anti-aging to the Lange Eye Institute. She has done numerous presentations and authored a variety of articles on nutritional eye care and total body wellness. She is an expert in the field of nutritional eye care and will complement Dr. Lange’s philosophy on nutritional/integrative eye care. She is available for just about every aspect of eye care including the diagnosis and treatment of eye disease, contact lenses (including scleral lenses, keratoconus lenses and hybrid lenses), low vision, nutritional eye care, pediatric eye care, geriatric eye care, etc. Dr. Summerton is now accepting new patients at the Lange Eye Institute.

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More information: Dr. Michael P. Lange is a Board Certified Optometric Physician and a Certified Nutrition Specialist who started Lange Eye Care and Associates in Ocala, Florida, in March 1993. Lange Eye Care had grown to 13 locations throughout the state of Florida with three Lasik centers. The Lange Eye Institute at The Villages in central Florida is home base for many of the nutritional studies that Fortifeye is involved in. Dr. Lange is one of the first doctors in the industry to utilize intracellular blood tests ,omega index studies, DNA testing and blood absorption studies to improve the Fortifeye vitamin line. Dr. Lange travels the world for nutritional research gathering valuable information to continuously improve and expand Fortifeye vitamin formulations. Dr. Lange is still involved in the clinical practice of eye care at The Lange Eye Institute in The Villages Florida . He is a guest lecturer, contributing author to many eyecare magazines, and a daily syndicated talk show host of ‘Ask The Doctor’ which broadcasts all over social media and on these stations: 10 am on 860 am tampa, 93.7 fm Tampa, 11am Saturday 930 am Sarasota,  1440 AM WLWI News Radio – Montgomery, Alabama – Saturday 9am, 97.3 FM WSKY – Gainesville – Saturday 9am, 820 AM News Talk – Tampa Bay – Saturday 9am, 640 AM WGST-Atlanta – Saturday & Sunday 9am. Tampa 570 am , 910 am, 100.3 fm, 102.1 fm 10-11 am Saturday, Orlando Florida Man Radio 660 am and 105.5 fm 7-8 am Saturday , Fort Walton / Destin  9-10 (central time)103.1 fm, Little Rock Arkansas 99.5fm 8 am (central)

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