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We all have seen the words, “proprietary blend” on our food and supplement labels, but what does it mean? The Dietary Supplement Education Act of 1994 allows the use of proprietary blends by manufacturers as a way to protect the unique qualities of their recipes and formulas from being easily duplicated. Major food companies and supplement manufacturers have used this protective method to guard their secret recipes for several decades. For example, KFC with the legendary herb and spice blend for their chicken, Coca-Cola for their unique syrup blend, and of course, McDonald’s for their secret sauce. In short, the label will list the ingredients in the formula, but not the individual amount per serving for each ingredient, just a total sum for all of them as a group. Let’s say you are looking for a particular ingredient and its listed as part of a proprietary blend, there is no way of you knowing the potency of that one ingredient. So really it a guessing game, and it should not be that way. You will hear Dr. Michael P. Lange and me on our national talk radio show (Ask the Doctor) talk about a “therapeutic dose or a clinical dose”. The meaning is, the amount of an ingredient that causes the desired therapeutic result that you need… this is learned from research studies, and most likely years of testing. Just because a supplement formula contains the ingredient you need does not mean it is in the proper amount.
You need to read the label to see if your formula lists a proprietary blend, it may not fulfill your needs, and may not be of help to you. At Fortifeye Nutrition, we don’t use proprietary blends, we are a “full disclosure label” company, and you can buy with confidence knowing your supplements are formulated by Doctors who will not produce anything but the best for their patients and long time customers.
And remember my quote that you will hear on “Ask the Doctor”…. “we are very proud of what goes into our supplements, we are equally proud of what doesn’t go
into our supplements “
Right ingredients right science, right for you…that’s us, it’s a Fortifeye tradition.
Best of health,
Dr. Richard Hall PhD, SNS, CPT
Nutrition Specialist

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