Today is the Best Time to Begin Your Diet!

Written by on May 15, 2020

“When should I begin my diet?” Dr. Michael Lange and I hear this question on a weekly basis, and the answer is always the same…TODAY! Many say they will begin after the New Year, an upcoming birthday, or after a vacation, but why wait…you could be well on your way by the time that date is here. Here are some facts and tips for you to consider on your wellness path.

  • For most, the word diet means weight loss, and that puts a negative picture in their mind. Sacrifices, eating boring foods, starving, not enjoying your meals, can’t dine out with friends, and the list goes on. So let’s just leave it at that, and we will rename what we do as, Nutrition Plan, or Plan for short.
  • Try to think of the Plan as not a diet, but a lifestyle change…once I change your mind, it will be much easier. Your “diet” should not be thought of as a segment of your day, but as a true lifestyle change/plan in your life. And then I hope you can even change that way of thinking about your lifestyle plan to not thinking about it all. It just becomes second nature, and it becomes your lifestyle.
  • There is no magic pill, but there are some fantastic supplements that will keep you on a wellness path and balanced lifestyle. Remember, your Plan is a body transformation, so you want to give it the proper building blocks like Fortifeye Superfood and Fortifeye Super Protein.
  • I begin my day by mixing both Fortifeye Superfood and Super Protein together for a true one-two punch to start my day. I also add some berries, or maybe a banana, if I am using the blender…but if I am in a hurry to get to my office at the Fortifeye Performance Nutrition Center, I just put the Superfood and Super Protein in my shaker, and out the door I go. The great part about these two products is, they mix up perfect just in my shaker. This combination will keep your body running like a fine tuned machine all morning long without the stimulants and caffeine.
  • Food is fuel for your body…if you have a high performance racing car, as Dr. Lange does, you wouldn’t put in low grade gas and oil and expect it to run at it’s full potential…your body is high performance and has a tremendous potential, but only if you provide the proper fuel.


Eating should be a part of your day that you truly enjoy and look forward to. You will need to be a little creative so you are not eating the same foods all the time, and for two important reasons… first of all, you will get bored and you may jump off your wellness nutrition plan, and second, if you just stick with the same foods you may not be receiving balanced nutrients…variety is the real key here.

  • You do not need to give up your favorite foods…for instance, I love pizza, it’s my go to fun food, but it could get me into trouble if I bought it at a fast food pizza place. Instead I make my own pizza…I make whole grain pizza crust, use several low fat cheeses including Feta, Mozzarella and Goat cheese…lots of rich tomato sauce…and load it up with fresh veggies. I usually have a Mediterranean salad with my pizza that includes four types of olives, and my own dressing that is a base of olive oil with lots of herbs. Not much fault to find in this meal, its good, and good for me.
  • Dr. Michael Lange has researched and developed two very good nutrition plans, The Lange Diet Plan, and The Lange Survival Diet. You may want to use these, and/or modify them to fit your personal taste and needs. Both can be downloaded, or I will be glad to include a copy with your next order. Both Dr. Lange diets are well researched and can be great lifestyle plans for life.
  • I like to use a “multi-vitamin” in my personal plan, and for me there is none better than Fortifeye Complete. However,this is so much more that just a milti-vitamin…it also contains minerals that play a major role in the body, and additional nutrients like Co-Q10, Resveratrol, Turmeric, Zeaxanthin (and more) that are just not found in other multi-formulas… plus you will be receiving the benefits of an Antioxidant Blend.
  • For me, there are five areas of my wellness plan….EXERCISE…REST/SLEEP…SUPPLEMENTS…THE MIND… and NUTRITION (food & drink). If you work on refining these five areas, you will find your “wellness factor” will change in a positive direction for you.
  • Research shows that although a “fad diet” may produce a weight loss at first, the lost weight is usually regained rather quickly, plus some extra pounds to go with it. These are not wellness diets and can actually do more harm than good. Again, you want to develop that lifestyle plan, not just a quick fix.
  • Good luck on your journey…make your Plan fun and interesting, and if you have questions, please contact me at the Lange Nutrition Complex at 866-503-9746.

To your health and fitness,
Doc Hall PhD SNS CPT
Fortifeye Performance Advisor
Director of Operations

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