The Lange Diet Plan

Written by on February 6, 2017

After years of seeing what works and what doesn’t, Dr Michael Lange developed the Lange Diet. This diet was originally developed by Dr Lange to help provide proper nutrition information to his macular degeneration patients. He has modified the “Lange Diet” a few times to be paleo friendly, fodmap free and gluten free.

The Lange Diet was also developed to help improve digestion since a large percentage of patients have digestive issues. The combination of being fodmap free, gluten free and using many fermented foods really helps with acid reflux, bloating and other IBS symptoms. This diet is also great for diabetics and those suffering with weight issues. Many people loose 5-6 pounds a week and some as much as 14 pounds in the first week following this protocol. Many of those following the Lange Diet are also having improved blood sugar readings and an overall improved since of well being.

Dr. Lange believes that a combination of proper diet, hydration, weight management, sleep, exercise and some sunshine will help to improve ocular health, visual performance, mental clarity and overall health significantly.

View The Lange Diet Plan (pdf)


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