Blue Light Defense protects the eye from harmful Blue Light

Written by on February 28, 2015

Blue Light Defense and other blue filtering lenses  are  one of the biggest technological advancements in lens technology to come about this century. Science has now proven that the High intensity visible light ( blue light) is some of the most harmful to our eyes and entire body.   This is specifically the wave lenghts between 400-450 nm.  This blue-violet light is emitted from televisions, tablets , computers, lap tops, smart phones , LED and Flourecent lighting just to mention a few.  Studies indicate chronic exposure to this  frequency of light  may increase the risk of cataract formation as well as macular degeneration.   It is crucial to filter this  blue light with specific filters in the lenses that are worn in spectacles, However until recentlly all blue filtering lenses had to have a yellow color, orange, red or purple .  Lange Eye Care was one of  the first in the country to utilize a new technology that filters the blue light using an almost clear high index lens. This lens is called Blue Light Defense  and can be made into single vision or progressive lenses. Dr Michael  Lange states this is the future of eye care, “Prevention”.   Lange Eye Care recommends everyone at any age to wear blue filtering lenses.  Dr Lange states this is especially crucial for the children that are using lap tops,  tablets, smart phones  and computers all day long.  Now a lens exists that may help prevent certain frequencies of blue light from reaching the eye.   Why wouldnt everyone want this lens?? Come to any Lange Eye Care location and ask about Blue Light Defense.

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