New Topcon Maestro 3D OCT now at The Lange Eye Institute.

Written by on October 23, 2016

Dr Michael Lange wants the best technology for his patients  so he installed  the first Topcon Maestro 3D oct in Florida in The Lange Eye Institute.  Dr Lange states this is the most amazing technology all built into one machine.  We used to have to take the patient into three different rooms and take a half hr to do what this instrument does in five seconds all at the same time. The diagnostic information  this gives to the doctors is amazing and takes eye care into the future. we can run this on any patient and then the data shows up on a computer in one of the 15 examination rooms inside the Lange Eye Institute.  The doctor then has the ability to show real time three dimensional images to the patient from the front to the back of the eye.  This helps to detect disease in the eye in the very earliest stages which improves the treatment  outcome dramatically.  Simply Amazing!!  watch this quick and easy to understand video.

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