Michael Lange OD of Lange Eye Care develops Genotype Directed Nutritional Supplements for Macular Degeneration

Written by on October 25, 2013

Michael Lange OD of Lange Eye Care develops the first Genotype Directed
nutritional supplements for Macular Degeneration.

Michael Lange OD, CNS at The Lange Eye Institute

Michael Lange OD, CNS at The Lange Eye Institute

Michael Lange OD  founder of Fortifeye Vitamins has been involved in research and development of nutritional
supplements for  eye and total body health for over 10 years. The newest studies
now indicate that a relatively high percentage of patients with specific DNA for
macular degeneration may be harmed by taking zinc supplements. These new studies
also indicate a percent of macular degeneration patients will benefit from
supplemental zinc! Dr. Lange states ” Doctors that are making nutritional
supplement recommendations for patients with macular degeneration should do a
simple DNA test to see what category these patients fall in and then make
nutritional supplement recommendations based on this DNA.” Michael Lange OD and Fortifeye Vitamins  have
developed six different levels of supplements for macular degeneration
patients based on age, weight, level of disease and DNA. The newest formula is
called Fortifeye Zinc Free Macular Defense and will be available end of October.
Dr Lange has 9 locations throughout Florida that are involved in Genetic testing
and nutritional counseling for macular degeneration. If you or somone you know has macular degeneration and you want to be seen by Michael Lnage OD or any of the other great ODs or MDs on staff at Lange Eye Care call 352 237 3768 in Ocala or 352 753 4014 in The Villages or 727 791 1214 in Clearwater.  All these locations have DNA testing supplies and the genotype directed Fortifeye Vitamin line.


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