Introducing ZEISS i.Scription® lenses

Written by on September 5, 2010

Enjoy optimised visual performance with the new ZEISS Customized lenses using i.Scription® technology.

Innovative lenses are the focal point of Carl Zeiss Vision. A special highlight is the i.Scription® solution which combines traditional subjective refraction and wavefront measurement into a new refraction technique. In conjunction with a new method of lens optimization, the highly exact refraction data leads to unparalleled precision. The measurements are no longer performed to the nearest one quarter, but to the nearest one hundredth of a dioptre. All – including higher order – aberrations are taken into account, providing wearers with a whole new experience in vision. The high level of patient satisfaction and the wide degree of acceptance by opticians underline the excellence of i.Scription®. Carl Zeiss Vision offers the i.Scription® optimization as an additional option for practically all ZEISS lenses.

i.Scription® is a comprehensive product concept. The key to the decisively improved performance of lenses featuring i.Scription® is an examination technique new to the field of optometry, combined with innovative methods of lens design and production. By incorporating aspects of human vision never taken into account before, the wearer experiences a new dimension of visual quality.

The basis of the i.Scription® lens design is the combination of subjective refraction and the data obtained with the innovative i.Profiler® measuring system. It analyzes the human eye with a high degree of precision. It provides detailed information on the imaging properties of the eye, in particular features such as higher order aberrations that influence vision in unfavourable lighting conditions.

Carl Zeiss Vision has developed a totally new method of optical computation for the technical design of the lenses. The “secret” behind i.Scription® is an optimization algorithm which determines the lens values to the nearest one hundredth of a dioptre on the basis of the data provided by the optician. The resulting spectacle lenses provide the wearer with optimised visual performance, particularly in difficult lighting and contrast conditions, in twilight and at night.

In many cases the incorporation of additional information in the lens design can lead to a considerable improvement in vision. During the test phase, lens values which clearly deviated from the previous prescription were calculated for some wearers. Ametropes who only used their spectacles occasionally in the past because they were dissatisfied with their prescription are now convinced spectacle wearers. A number of wearers who used to feel unsure when driving in poor light also experienced major improvements.

The i.Scription® optimization is already available in a large number of Relaxed Vision Centres equipped with an i.Profiler® system. You can find opticians’ addresses and further information at:

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