Dr Michael Lange recommends filtering the harmful blue-violet light with Blue Light Defense lenses

Written by on October 11, 2015

 blue light defense

Blue light protection with Blue Light Defense

Dr Michael Lange states blue light protection  to avoid blue light damage  is a hot topic in eye care right now.  More and more research is proving that the blue-violet light form the  HEV spectrum  is harmful to the eyes.   Our bodies and our eyes come into contact daily this potentially harmful blue-violet light.  The blue light spectrum is from approximately 390 nm – 500 nm however the most recent studies suggest that the most harmful to the eye  is the blue-violet spectrum.   Professor  Funk did a study showing that 411 nm in the blue light spectrum  is very harmful to retinal cells.  here is a link to the study http://www.bluelightdefense.com/publications/importance-of-blocking-shorter-wavelength-light-up-to-420nm-for-long-term-eye-health-study-by-prof-funk/

Dr Michael Lange has been recommending Blue Light Defense lenses since November  2014  to minimize blue light damage to the eyes and entire body.  He states he takes the time to educate his patients on the importance of blue light protection and discusses  the potential blue light damage that can occur from these frequencies of  the high energy spectrum (HEV) .  Many of the items being used on a daily basis like computers, lap tops, tablets, smart phones , television and over head lighting all emit frequencies of blue light.  Dr Lange recommends  having your prescription eye wear made form Blue Light Defense lenses and even if you do not need a prescription it is a good idea to wear plano (non prescription ) blue light defense lenses while utilizing any of the potential applications that emit blue light.  learn more and order non prescription blue defenses lenses at  www.bluelightdefense.com

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