Taking Fortifeye Fish Oil, Black Currant Oil, and Focus daily for dry eyes

Dr. Mike,

I love the taste of the Fish Oil softgels. I have been chewing one of those with one of the Black Currant Oil softgels when I take it, and I can barely notice the taste of the black currant oil. Since my original message, I have been taking Fortifeye Fish Oil, Black Currant Oil, and Focus daily for about three weeks for dry eyes. (I have been splitting the dosage of the fish oil softgels, so that I take one in the morning and one at night.) The wonderful news is that most of the symptoms of my dry eyes have completely disappeared, especially when I am not wearing my contacts.

I am a university professor, so I do use my eyes a lot. I plan to continue to take the three products as directed–in fact, I recently reordered the three and have set up a monthly delivery. I thought I was taking a good quality fish oil–Carlson Elite–but yours is apparently much better. Meanwhile, I am sure that I wasn’t getting enough Astaxanthin in my diet.

So thanks for your products and your interest in treating ailments with supplements!

Best wishes,

Dr. Lange to the Rescue

Dr. Michael P. Lange

Susan and I felt compelled to express our deep appreciation for the analysis and solution that you developed for Susan’s long-standing vision issues. As we shared, Susan was one of the early adopters of Lasik Surgery. Unfortunately, she had an undiagnosed eye condition that was exacerbated by the surgery and made ever worst by the nine subsequent attempts to correct the problem.

Susan was told that her only remedy was to wear a combination of hard contact lenses and reading glasses. The toll on her eyes over the last 20 years since her surgeries has been painful and significant. The traditional hard lenses deformed her cornea and the pain limited the number of hours that she could wear the lenses. She was reluctantly considering high-risk corneal transplant surgery.

Then came you, Dr. Lange, to the rescue. Your initial observations yielded results immediately.

Susan, you observed, “had some of the driest eyes that you had every seen. In less than five minutes, you inserted plugs in her tear ducts that helped her retain eye moisture. Next you examined her eyes and identified a new type of contact lens with a flexible skirt that would eliminate the pressure/pain on the cornea and allow her to wear the lenses all day long in complete comfort.

When Susan left your office she was elated, but it was also your commitment to excellence in honing-in on the exact right prescription that was so commendable. It took three sessions to get the exact right fit.

We feel, your focus on “the patient” results in the delivery of Timely, Thorough and Trustworthy vision solutions. We were thankful that you scheduled us in on an expedited basis working after normal office hours.

Susan and I are both relieved that she is not only out of pain but able to see.

We are both very grateful for the Lange Eye Institute and the quality of care offered by you and your staff.


Fortifeye for life!

Dr. Mike,

I want to thank you. You have given me back my zest for life. I have been going through a horrendous couple of years but since starting on your Fortifeye products and the Lange diet I am feeling sooo much better. A 100% improvement!!

I’m back to running and biking daily. The diet plan keeps me full and satisfied. Someday I will meet you and give you a big hug to show my appreciation!

Fortifeye for life!

Barbara Kays
P.S.-Happy Birthday!

You Really Brightened My Day!

I recently became a patient at the clinic on 8-31-18. I just wanted to share with all of you how gracious you treated me and wanted to thank you all for the special care I received.

It all started with the phone receptionist, Cassandra, who booked the appointment for me and cleared all the rules and regulations my insurance company requires. Each staff member I met with treated me a like a “queen”. Dr. Lori Caputi, my eye doctor, was so competent answering all the questions I asked.

The staffer who helped to select the eye glasses I required was ever so pleasant.

Thank you again, I will certainly recommend your clinic to everyone I encounter in The Villages.

– Pamela M. Sorokin
The Villages

Only eye doctor I trust with my eyes

I have been a patient of Dr. Michael Lange’s since 1993 and as far as I am concerned he is the only eye doctor I trust with my eyes. Once when I tore my cornea (or whatever it was that I tore) with a contact lens he met me at the office at 7 AM to advise me what to do. I now live in Bristol, TN, and when I was due for my last exam I traveled down to Ocala, Fla. just for his opinion. Just can’t trust no other doc but Dr. Michael P. Lange. My boss lady, Mrs. Freeman Keyes, was 94 yrs old and she thought he was the most brilliant guy on radio. She never missed his radio show, “Ask The Doctor.” I will continue to put my trust in Lange Eye Care and Dr. Michael Lange as long as I am alive.

– Mona Peacock
Bristol, TN

Want to go on record

Dr. Michael Lange ,I have told you many times personally how much I appreciate your professional care of my eyes and wanted to go on record finally. My belief is that what has set you apart from other eye care providers is not only your formal education but your drive to learn everything that might affect eye health and how best to use this continually increasing knowledge to improve your care. The other characteristic that sets you apart is the fact that you care enough to give whatever time it takes to best serve me. I have heard this from other patients as well.

Gene McConnell
Ocala Magazine

One of the most progressive doctors

Dr. Michael P. Lange is one of the most progressive Doctors in eye care, as well as one of the most creative business owners. He is tireless in his research to elevate his eye care practices and the level of care he provides to each patient. Dr. Michael Lange’s opinions and advice are essential for our organization as we consider new products, services and programs for private eye care practices. For the most advanced eye care, I recommend visiting Dr. Michael Lange at one of his nine Lange Eye Care and Associates locations through out Florida.

– Dave Delle Donne
VP Sales
Carl Zeiss Vision

Only doctor I would ever recommend

Dr.Michael Lange is the only doctor I would ever recommend for complete eye care and for nutritional expertise. The Fortifeye vitamin line he developed has made a huge difference for my physical well being that I first noticed about two months after I began using the supplements. My distant vision became clearer. Afterwards I noticed a difference in my level of overall energy.

– Larry Whitler
Radio Talk show host and musician

I wanted to learn more

As a doctor, I always want to do what is best for my patients. I have always known that nutrition is important, not only for the eyes, but for the overall well-being of the person. When I witnessed fellow optometrist, Dr. Michael Lange level of expertise and passion, I knew I wanted to learn more. Dr. Michael Lange taught me the value of concentrating on my patient’s nutritional needs. He makes it simple for me to understand and simple for me to explain to my patients. I recommend the Fortifeye line of vitamins and supplements, with confidence. I also take the vitamins myself.

– Mike Rothschild
President / Optometrist
West Georgia Eye Care