Dr. Lange to the Rescue

Written by on September 30, 2019

Dr. Michael P. Lange

Susan and I felt compelled to express our deep appreciation for the analysis and solution that you developed for Susan’s long-standing vision issues. As we shared, Susan was one of the early adopters of Lasik Surgery. Unfortunately, she had an undiagnosed eye condition that was exacerbated by the surgery and made ever worst by the nine subsequent attempts to correct the problem.

Susan was told that her only remedy was to wear a combination of hard contact lenses and reading glasses. The toll on her eyes over the last 20 years since her surgeries has been painful and significant. The traditional hard lenses deformed her cornea and the pain limited the number of hours that she could wear the lenses. She was reluctantly considering high-risk corneal transplant surgery.

Then came you, Dr. Lange, to the rescue. Your initial observations yielded results immediately.

Susan, you observed, “had some of the driest eyes that you had every seen. In less than five minutes, you inserted plugs in her tear ducts that helped her retain eye moisture. Next you examined her eyes and identified a new type of contact lens with a flexible skirt that would eliminate the pressure/pain on the cornea and allow her to wear the lenses all day long in complete comfort.

When Susan left your office she was elated, but it was also your commitment to excellence in honing-in on the exact right prescription that was so commendable. It took three sessions to get the exact right fit.

We feel, your focus on “the patient” results in the delivery of Timely, Thorough and Trustworthy vision solutions. We were thankful that you scheduled us in on an expedited basis working after normal office hours.

Susan and I are both relieved that she is not only out of pain but able to see.

We are both very grateful for the Lange Eye Institute and the quality of care offered by you and your staff.


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