Dr. Michael Lange Creates the Perfect Meal for Macular Degeneration

Written by on February 3, 2020

Dr. Michael Lange—founder and CEO of The Lange Eye Institute—is a Board Certified Optometric Physician and Certified Nutrition Specialist. He has been involved in nutritional research and the development of supplements, diets, and paleo food products for the eyes and entire body.

Macular Degeneration is the leading cause of legal blindness in people over age 55 in The United States. The Villages, Florida is the fastest growing over 55 population in the entire country, and therefore has the highest percentage of macular degeneration in the country. The Lange Eye Institute in the Villages, Florida specializes in medical, surgical, and proper nutritional intervention for both the dry and wet forms of macular degeneration. With that being said, Dr. Lange has taken into consideration all of the science behind this and has come up with the perfect meal for macular degeneration.

Here it is: Sauté wild Alaskan salmon in organic, extra virgin coconut oil. Towards the end of cooking, add some organic baby kale, orange bell peppers, and top it all off with a soft or fried organic free-range egg. You can have some organic green tea or macha tea with the meal. If you consume alcohol, then one glass of Pino Noir from the Oregon or New York region will be good. Better yet, it is best to choose wine that comes from an organic or biodynamic winery. For dessert, you can have a small bowl of organic goji berries.

Dr. Michael Lange has had considerable success with his macular degeneration patients through nutritional support with both proper diet and proper supplements. This meal is beneficial to the macular degeneration patient because it is filled with specific carotenoids, omega-3s, resveratrol, polyphenols, phospholipids, and much more.

Organic kale that is gently cooked is a great source of lutein. Organic orange bell peppers and goji berries are high in zeaxanthin. Organic free-range eggs are high in lutein and zeaxanthin and are also high in phospholipids that improve the absorption of these eye-healthy nutrients. Wild Alaskan salmon is high in both astaxanthin and omega-3. Green tea is high in polyphenols. Coconut oil is high in Lauric acid and medium-chain triglycerides, and red wine (specifically a Pino Noir from the northern states) is high in resveratrol.

These are specific nutrients that have been studied in clinical trials and have been shown to be beneficial for macular degeneration. Dr. Michael Lange uses a combination of proper diet, proper supplements, weight management, exercise, and filtration of harmful blue light with indoor and outdoor lenses for all of his patients, and spends extra time educating those who have macular degeneration. He has seen the positive impact macular degeneration patients can obtain through this protocol. Dr. Lange firmly believes macular degeneration is a nutritionally responsive disease. Patients will still need to see their optometrist or ophthalmologist routinely regardless of what they eat or take.

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