Weight Loss Motivation…A New Perspective!

Written by on December 6, 2021

Weight loss is not easy…we know that fact, so much so, that we fear that dreaded four letter word, D-I-E-T!  Just a mention of “diet” can create a certain level of anxiety, and hopefully I can take away some of that anxious feeling and motivate you by using a different method.  Usually when we talk about dieting and weight loss, we list all of the negative actions that may happen if we don’t start walking a better wellness path.  I prefer to list the positive results that will happen to you, and I bet you will see a few unexpected results that you didn’t know. Both Dr. Michael Lange and myself, Dr. Richard Hall, have found my particular motivation method works best. The following is a list of positive results you can expect from losing weight/fat (if you are overweight or your bodyfat is too high) or from cleaning up your nutrition profile.

1.  Better sleep
2.  Improved immune system
3.  Lower blood pressure
4.  Lower cancer risk
5.  More efficient digestive system
6.  Acid reflux improvement
7.  Reduced body pain levels
8.  Less joint pain
9.  Lowered anxiety level
10.  Improved R.O.M. (Range of Motion)
11.  Lower stroke/heart attack rate
12.  Better respiratory function
13.  Lower Triglyceride level
14.  Higher quality of life
15.  Better Cholesterol numbers
16.  Arthritis relief
17.  Diabetes prevention
18.  Better diabetes management
19.  Improved mobility
20.  Higher self esteem
21.  You feel better, you look better, life is better
22.  Improved ED
23.  Elevated positive mood level
24.  Confidence boosted
25.  Increased energy/stamina

I recommend the Lange Survival Diet as a good starting point to help you get on track. Also, you might find the following supplements very helpful in your journey. Dr. Lange and I recommend that you substitute one of your meals with a Fortifeye Whey Protein drink…very low calorie, high protein and will keep hunger pains away. As you restrict calories, drinking a protein shake will help you take in the protein you need so you will not lose muscle. A Fortifeye Probiotic and a Fortifeye Digestive Enzyme will assist in positive digestive health and could  be easily added to your nutrition regimen. As you downsize, your food intake may not provide the nutrients that your body needs so we would recommend Fortifeye Complete. The name says it all, it’s a complete vitamin and mineral formula.

I would like for you to focus on the word “lifestyle” rather than “diet.” This is a lifestyle change, it’s a marathon, not a one hundred yard sprint. A lifestyle change implies that this is a process that you are adopting for life. Good luck, you can do it, Dr. Lange and I are with you every step of the way!

Dr. Richard Hall SNS, CNS, CPT
Fortifeye Performance Nutrition

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