Sleep…Just How Important Is It?

Written by on May 25, 2020

Dr Michael Lange and Doc Hall are advocates of a combination of proper diet, the correct supplements, exercise, proper hydration, regular sunshine and plenty of sleep to help improve the health and well being of everyone. Without a good nights sleep your health can be jeopardized and u will age more rapidly. Dr Michael Lange and Doc Hall both feel an good nights sleep is a crucial part of all anti aging protocols. Doc Hall will now discuss his sleep protocol.

How many times have you heard this statement, or even said it yourself? ” I don’t need a full 8 hours of sleep, usually 5-6 are plenty, and if my body needs more, I will sleep more over the weekend and make up for it” Honestly, I have said that thought many times over the years, but not anymore. I always judged this by the fact that I was never tired…however, lack of sleep can manifest itself in many different ways and you may not actually feel the damage that being sleep deprived is doing. The negative health and wellness concerns can come in the form of poor mental focus and concentration, memory impairment, muscle coordination, blood pressure issues, digestive problems, muscle atrophy and lack of muscle repair and recovery…and the list goes on and on.


Here is a list of tips and facts that may help you on a path of sleep filled nights, and high energy days!

  • It is very important that you make your bedroom, “sleep ready”…no distractions such as television, radio, or even the LED glow from cell phones, digital clocks or recording devices. I have a clock on my night stand that does not display until I touch the button on top…also I have motion activated nightlights and blackout window drapes. It’s my sanctuary.
  • Keep it cool…the ideal room temperature for a good nights sleep is around 65 degrees.
  • Your body likes to be on a schedule, it functions at a much higher level when you go to bed at the same time every night.
  • The latest research shows that dehydration is a major cause of sleep problems…I know it was for me, so now I drink a 16oz bottled Watt-Ahh water while I am preparing for a good nights sleep.
  • Serotonin is a chemical in our body that induces sleep, and Omega-3 facilitates the release of Serotonin and allows it to work at a much higher level. Serotonin plays a role in everything from digestion and appetite levels, to sleep and brain function…I take two Fortifeye Omega-3 Max everyday, one in the a.m. and one in the p.m. with dinner. If you take just one, I would suggest taking it in the evening, closer to bedtime.
  • When Grandma or Mom were confronted with a family members sleep problem, there was one remedy…warm milk! They didn’t know the science behind it, all they knew was, it worked. Here’s the science behind it…milk contains the amino acid l-tryptophan, a known element that allows the body to drift into sleep, and heating the milk activates the l-tryptophan.
  • Do not exercise right before bedtime…the thought has always been that exercise would fatigue the body and therefore put you to sleep…not so! Exercise actually invigorates and energizes the body for several hours afterward. We all need some exercise, but timing is very important.
  • White noise, or sleep sounds actually work! I have a sound machine on my nightstand that plays sounds of waves, rain, and many more relaxing sounds. It blocks out the noise of the day for me. Very inexpensive, usually around $20 or less.
  • Many foods contain vitamins, minerals, amino acids and protein that promote a good sleep cycle…for instance, turkey, milk and cashew butter contain good amounts of l-tryptophan…also, hummus, dark chocolate and even mozzarella cheese are fantastic sleep inducers.
  • Don’t forget that many teas have been used for centuries as sleep tonics…Chamomile is one of my favorites, with a bit of local or Manuka honey added.
  • My bedtime routine includes a serving of Fortifeye Super Protein in A2 milk…this combination is both muscle relaxer and muscle builder, and in addition to helping me drift into REM sleep, it helps me recover from my bodybuilding in the gym. Try it, your body will love you for it and will reward you with added strength, muscle integrity (my words that we will discuss in a future article) and stamina.
  • You can have a strict exercise regimen, a dialed in supplement plan, and an on point diet, but you will not achieve optimum wellness and fitness without a proper sleep pattern…its just that important!

Until next time…
Doc Hall PhD SNS CPT
Fortifeye Performance Nutrition
Fortifeye Advisory Board

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