Hydrolyzed Collagen: The Facts and Latest Research

Written by on March 19, 2021

Collagen Protein supplements have been one of the most discussed and heavily researched nutrients during the past several years. However, Collagen is not new, it has existed in our bodies since day one, and is a required nutrient for health and wellness. Our skin is comprised of seventy-five percent Collagen, and makes up thirty-five percent of the total protein found in the body.

As we age, Collagen breaks down and becomes more difficult for the body to produce and maintain, so adding a Collagen supplement could very well become instrumental in elevating your wellness factor.


There has always been some confusion about the terms, Hydrolyzed Collagen, and Collagen Peptides, but they have exactly the same meaning. It simply means the Collagen has been broken down into its simplest form…this process allows the body to process and absorb the Collagen at a much higher level. The new Collagen powder from Fortifeye Nutrition  is hydrolyzed and does not contain any artificial ingredients or proprietary blends. As we began the research and development process for our new supplement, Dr. Michael P. Lange and I, Dr. Richard Hall, tested dozens of Collagen powders on the market and found them to contain artificial ingredients or a proprietary blend formula, and quite honestly, did not taste very good…well that is about to change for the better. (Fortifeye Collagen coming soon)


  • Improve skin elasticity ( this allows the skin to be flexible and stretch)
  • Bone loss protection by adding strength and structure to the bone.
  • Helps to relieve joint discomfort.
  • Lessens skin wrinkling.
  • Improves skin dryness.
  • Helps to strengthen and maintain the cartilage.
  • May stimulate hair growth, and strength.
  • May decrease joint inflammation.
  • May strengthen nails.
  • May decrease nail brittleness.
  • Muscle integrity…can assist in promoting muscle growth, strength and ROM (Range of Motion).

ALLERGEN ALERT…many Collagen supplements contain fish, shellfish, eggs and other ingredients that may trigger an allergic reaction. Be sure you read the label…the Fortifeye Nutrition label is always full disclosure and no hidden proprietary blends, so you can buy with confidence.

I hope this information was helpful…
Remember this information does not replace the advice of your health care practitioner.

Be healthy my friend,

Dr. Richard Hall PhD SNS CPT
Fortifeye Performance Nutrition

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