Exercise…Do I Have To…You Should!

Written by on December 6, 2021

Everyone is looking for better, quicker and easier ways to accomplish their goals…and exercising is most certainly not the exception.  Dr. Michael P Lange and I are asked questions about exercise on a daily basis…some ask if there is a pill they can swallow so they don’t need to exercise…the answer is NO!  Some ask when is the best time to start an exercise program…the answer is TODAY!  And a popular question is, what exercise is best for me to do… the answer is, ONE THAT YOU ENJOY AND WILL DO ON A REGULAR BASIS.  Those are all very simple answers, but all very true.  Recently I wrote an article on weight loss and received some very positive reader responses about my approach.  The article is about weight loss motivation and instead of stating all of the possible horrible things that could happen if you don’t control and maintain a proper weight, I went in the other direction  and listed 25 of the positive results you could expect. Well, I’m headed in that same positive direction and have listed what you could possibly expect from adding some exercise to your lifestyle!

1.  Improved circulation
2.  Arthritis relief
3.  Improved cognitive function
4.  Reduce depression
5.  Reduced anxiety
6.  Prevent diabetes
7.  Improved blood pressure
8.  Improved sleep
9.  Weight control
10. Energy boost
11. Muscle strength
12. Greater ROM (range of motion)
13. Improved body coordination
14. Improved body image
15. Enhanced balance/stability
16. Decreased Osteoporosis risk
17. Mental focus & clarity
18. Better Cholesterol numbers
19. Improved digestion
20. Reduce cancer risk
21. Improved cardio
22. Improved core
23. Better muscle tone
24. Clearer skin/complexion
25. Lower bodyfat

I could honestly double the amount on this list, and hopefully you will see some motivation factors that put you on the exercise path. Some may be limited in their exercise choices, and Dr. Lange and I, Dr. Richard Hall, always ask that you check with your healthcare provider to determine a best exercise path for you. Dr. Lange and I both choose a low impact exercise for our cardio session as neither of us run because it has a negative impact on our joints, however, cardio is still very much an essential piece of our total wellness plan. Dr. Lange likes to bike outside and his inside choice is the Elliptical Machine, and sometimes the Recumbent Bike. I like to distance walk at a good pace and my favorite outdoor exercise is what I call “hill hiking”. We both favor vibration plates for circulation…and for muscle recovery post workout, we both agree that an Infrared sauna is tops. Remember to always hydrate before, during and after exercising. We find this is a problem and concern. Also, warm-up before exercising, and stretch/warm down after exercise. Recovery after you exercise is very important as your body requires certain nutrients to repair and regenerate the body, and without proper recovery after a workout, you have actually done some damage to the body. We both would recommend Fortifeye FIT as you pre/intra/post recovery drink. It has exactly what your body needs, and when you add a scoop of Fortifeye Protein Isolate or Concentrate to FIT, you have the ultimate recovery fuel. We would also suggest one of our Omega-3 choices, and of course a nutritious meal plan like the Lange Survival Diet. I hope this information helps and remember the entire Team Fortifeye is behind you.

Dr. Richard Hall CNS, CPT, SNS
Fortifeye Performance Nutrition

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