Breakfast…Do I Have To?

Written by on May 21, 2021

I am quite certain that you have heard this said many times, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”… but is it really?

Your first meal of the day is actually the end of a 12-16 hour fast. In fact, when I present a lecture, I always use a wipe-off board, and I write the word breakfast on it…then draw a line down the middle so it creates two words…it looks like this…BREAK/FAST. The significance of this is that our body is saying, ” are we ok…are we going to eat soon…can I expend energy…can I burn calories” because it has been resting, repairing, recovering all night, and is ready for some fuel.

A simple analogy would be…let’s say your body is like a car and you have just driven 16 hours in heavy traffic and ready to park for the evening. The car is “running on empty” and it needs to cool down and be ready for the next 16 hour day (tomorrow). So before you drive one mile in the morning, you need to “fuel up” with some high octane fuel (food / nutrition). The car will not run without proper fuel, neither will your body.

My colleague and good friend, Dr. Michael P Lange, and I, Dr. Richard Hall, hear this comment all the time, ” but doctor, I can’t eat breakfast”, or ” I’m so busy, just don’t have time for breakfast”…we get it, we fully understand because we are right there with you! As Nutrition Specialists, we most certainly know the absolute value of a nutritious breakfast, however, our minds tell us we should be on the way to the office, in our lab, or possibly a meeting, so to prepare a meal, or sit and enjoy it for 20 minutes, is just out of the question. So we needed a solution that was that was quick, easy and no mess (remember, I’m a batchelor). This requires just four things…a shaker cup (blender not needed), 8-10 ounces cold water (either Spring Water, or Watt-Ahh, is our choice), and a scoop of Fortifeye Whey Protein, and a scoop of Fortifeye Superfood. I put it all in the shaker cup with ice, and out the door I go, with my SuperShake in hand.


Now here is the good news…with this shake, you are taking in 22 grams of muscle building and energizing protein, and 16 of nature’s most nutritious fruits and vegetables, plus an enzyme blend, and a digestive probiotic complex to power up your morning…and for the calorie counters, only 115 calories, and fat and sugar are so low that we are not even required to post it on the label (the total sugar content is less than 3 grams, and the fat content is barely measurable).

If you like, you can add fresh fruit and/or vegetables, but you will need a blender…and remember, my SuperShake is not only a great way to fuel up your morning, it is perfect at any time of day.

So the answer would be…”yes, breakfast is the most important meal of the day”…and for good reason! A nutritious breakfast helps fire your metabolism, it signals the body that you are ready to take on the day, and it helps set your energy levels for the entire day.

I sincerely hope this information and motivation has been helpful…try the SuperShake for 30 days, I know you will see and feel a positive difference in your body, and your total wellness.

Good health to you my friend!

Dr. Richard Hall PhD SNS CPT
Fortifeye Performance Nutrition

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