Written by on December 19, 2022

There has been a sharp rise in complaints during the past three years concerning brain fog, feelings of anxiety, and sleep disorders.  Brain fog is sometimes attributed to so called “senior moments”, however, there is so much more to this than an occasional loss of memory.  Is there a causal link to be found, one that is responsible for these health concerns, or is this just a normal progression of aging?   At first glance it was thought of as just that, a normal progression…but then deeper research was showing much younger people were exhibiting the same problems, a greater percentage in 15-35 year old groups, but an alarming percentage in the 5-15 range.   The casual link was found to be the use (or abuse) of blue light emitting electronics such as cell phones, computer screens and televisions….just think about how many blue light exposure hours you log in daily and weekly.  And the damage is cumulative, meaning the damage worsens with each use, plus the body does not have an opportunity to heal.
A certain segment of our population are referred to as “Gamers”…they spend countless hours playing video games, sometimes for 4-6 hours without a break.
So what can we do to combat these health concerns and negative effects on our bodies, or is it just a fact of life we need to deal with?  There certainly is something we can do, and I have personal experience in doing so.  Two years ago I began to notice my eyes were dry and irritated, and by 3-4pm, my eyes were done for the day…they were very fatigued!  Honestly, I was not taking into consideration the amount of time per day that I was on a blue light device, until I consulted my good friend and professional colleague, Dr. Michael P.  Lange at the renowned Lange Eye Institute.  Dr. Lange explained his concern and fitted me with blue light blocker glasses, and suggested I take two Fortifeye Focus capsules daily.  The capsules ingredients are Astaxanthin, Zeaxanthin and Lutein, all three being fantastic antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients, plus they are responsible for blocking the dangerous blue light that was the root of my problems. In addition to helping my eyes, they act the same on my entire body.  Within a week I could see and feel the positive impact the blue blocker lenses were making, and I knew I was receiving the protection and healing that Fortifeye Focus was affording my eyes and body.  Dr. Lange and I could see the need for a special nutrient formula that would address this problem, so it was back to the research lab to find the answer…and we did!  The result is our new product, Focus and Brain formula.  Yes, it includes our Focus formula, with the addition of Cognizin which targets focus, clarity, memory recall, motor speed and concentration, plus something I like to call “brain energy”
Give your body the fuel that it needs!
Try Fortifeye Focus & Brain, you will see and feel the difference
To your good health,
Dr. Richard Hall PhD, SNS, CPT

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