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Written by on August 10, 2010

“Ask The Doctor” featuring Dr Michael P. Lange
A popular daily talk show on eye care and nutrition
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Call-in show times
9AM-10AM Saturdays (866) 977-4820


 97.3 FM WSKY Gainesville  Saturday- 9AM LISTEN LIVE
 980 AM WDVH Gainesville  Thursday- 4 PM  
 1370 AM WOCA Ocala  Wednesday- 9 AM  
 96.7 FM WOCA Ocala  Wednesday- 9 AM  
 720 AM WRZN Hernando  Thursday- 4 PM  
 820 AM News Talk Tampa Bay  Saturday- 9 AM  
 1470 AM News Talk Tampa Bay  Saturday- 9 AM  
 1250 AM WHNZ Tampa Bay  Saturday- 9 AM  
 1060 AM WIXC Melbourne  Saturday- 9 AM  
 1080 AM ESPN Orlando  Saturday- 9 AM LISTEN LIVE

Dr Micheal Lange - Lange Eye Care - Ask the Doctor Radio Show


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