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Fortifeye Super Omega-3 Fish Oil ~ 60 soft gels per   $25.00
Fortifeye Complete One-A-Day vitamin ~ 30 per bottle   $25.00
Fortifeye Focus ~ 6mg of Astaxanthin ~ 30 soft gels per bottle   $25.00
Fortifeye Complete Plus ~ 30 packets ~ with 2 vitamins & 1 omega-3 fish oil
Fortifeye Complete Macular Defense ~ 30 packets ~ with 3 vitamins & 1 omega-3 fish oil
Omega-3 Blood Test   $150.00
20% off any (3) Fortifeye ~ auto ship available w/ free shipping


For The Kids
Yummi Bears Organics ~ multi vitamin or super vision vitamins
Gummy vitamins for children ~ Allergen ~ Gluten ~ Gelatin ~ Casein ~ GMO free (90 multi vitamin gummy bears)
DHA for Kids ~ Nordic naturals Omega-3 for kids 180 chewable soft gels ~ Strawberry.
Pro Biotic for Kids   $20.00


Products by Douglas Laboratories
Aloe Vera Juice Tablets (180 tablets)   $20.60
Adreno-Mend (120 Capsules)   $43.60
B-Complex with Metafolin and Intrinsic Factor (60 Capsules)   $20.00
Black currant seed oil (90 vegetarian capsules)   $19.00
Broccoli/cruciferous Max V extract (60 vegetarian capsules)   $21.00
Cape Aloe (100 capsules)   $11.10
C-1000mg (Corn free) (100 capsules) or (100 tablets)   $12.00
C-Max Vitamin C 1500mg Time released   $24.00
Cal-6+MG Six-Source Calcium complex (90 tablets)   $10.00
Cran-C-Plex (100 capsules)   $10.70
Candistat (90 Tablets)   $17.70
Calcium Citrate 250mg from calcium citrate (250 Tablets)   $13.00
Fiber-Plex (120 Capsules)   $19.50
Garlic (odorless) (100 tablets)   $13.00
Medium Chain Triglycerides (90 Softgells)   $16.60
Melatonin 3mg (60 Capsules)   $13.00
Milk Thistle (90 capsules)   $17.10
Multi-probiotic 15 billion (60 capsules)   $34.00
Multi-probiotic 4000 (100 capsules)   $27.00
Niacin 100mg (100 tablets)   $4.80
Organic greens and reds drink (250 grams)   $42.00
Osteo-Guard plus Ipriflavone by Douglas laboratories (120 Tablets)   $34.00
Relora-plex (60 Vegetarian Capsules)   $30.50
Stress-B-Plus (90 tablets)   $16.60
Sublingual 12 plus (B-12 1000mg as Cyanocobalamin) 90 Tablets   $11.00
Sublingual Melatonin (1mg melatonin) 60 tablets   $8.60
Tri-En-All 400 natural source of mixed Tocopherols & Tocotrienols   $40.00
Ubiquinol-QH 100mg (30 capsules)   $40.00
Ultra Uni-Pros-Trol (60 soft gels)   $49.00
Ultra Whey plus Protein supplement (771 grams)   $44.00
Vitamin D3 1000 IU (100 tablets)   $10.00
Vitamin D3 5000 IU (100 tablets)   $13.50
Whey protein isolate (250 grams)   $42.00
Wobenzym N (100 Tablets)   $38.10


Bio-Pharma Super Foods
Nano Relief · Pain Relieving Jell Roll-on or Tube available   $12.00
An all natural and quick absorbing pain relief gel can be used for arthritis, strains/sprains, back pain, sore muscles, and joints. Even bruises are no match for NanoRelief’s uncanny ability to quickly alleviate pain! Compared to the leading pain relief gel, NanoRelief lasts longer by penetrating deeper into the skin for more relief from aches and pains than ever before! Say goodbye to next day soreness from a tough workout by using NanoRelief as a post-exercise remedy to relieve muscle soreness before it starts. NanoRelief is sold exclusively through health care professionals and is FDA approved. Its pleasant scent and cooling sensation will not irritate your skin and even the most sensitive individuals will be able to enjoy its benefits.

NanoRelief is developed without the use of animal testing and is free of artificial preservatives, fragrance, coloring or any diluting agents. It is the best of nature’s remedies from plant extracts that have been used for centuries to relieve pain.

Nano lean · a daily drink for weight loss (30 packets per box)   $35.00
A healthy and natural weight management system which utilizes a unique, multifaceted approach to weight loss by supporting the metabolism while reducing stress & body fat. Further, the ingredients in nanolean™ have been scientifically validated to support you in accomplishing your weight loss goals. Helps with cortisol levels & the stress that causes weight gain.
Nano Meal · Tropical flavor (10 packets) meal replacement   $50.00
A Balanced Meal of: Lean Protein ~ Excellent Source of Fiber ~15 Vitamins and Minerals ~ Vegan Omega-3’s ~ Antioxidants of 10 Servings of Fruits & Vegetables
Nano pro · Vanilla Bean ~ dietary immune & detoxify super food   $45.00
Provides a scientifically formulated blend of the highest purity whey and bovine colostrum, synergistically fortified with carefully selected nutrients to help support tissue repair and regeneration ~ optimize endogenous antioxidant status ~ promote detoxification ~ modulate immune function.
Nano greens · Drink mix   $50.00
Do you eat 7-13 servings of fruits and vegetables each day? You know you should, but actually doing it is another story. The cost of that much produce and the amount that is thrown away because it goes bad before you can eat it makes it even more difficult and expensive.
Nano omega · Drink mix   $45.00
Nano Reds · Drink mix   $45.00
NanoReds10, Fruit and Vegetable SuperFood is an all-natural, high fiber, antioxidant Rich juice powder drink mix featuring "super fruits": pomegranate, resveratrol, lemon, Cranberry, chokeberry, pumpkin, blueberry, elderberry, cherry, black currents, Hibiscus and apples; plus “super veggies”: carrot, tomato, spinach, and broccoli.

NanoReds10 Features Wellberry™, a combination of Amla fruit (Indian gooseberry) And a patented Fatty acid form of vitamin C which increases the antioxidant power of Polyphenols. NanoReds10 delicious natural berry taste delivers only 45 calories, yet contains no Added sugar, artificial colors, preservatives, soy, gluten or genetically Modified Ingredients.

Shaker/thermos · a blend and drink   $8.50


All About Coconut
“So Delicious” Coconut Milk 1Qt.   $3.25
“Nutiva” Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 12oz   $12.25
Coconut oil boasts many health benefits from its healthy Omega fats. One of the good fats, lauric acid, makes up about 50% of coconut oil. Lauric acid is a rare medium-chain fatty acid found in human breast milk. It supports healthy metabolism and is being studied for its anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial health-protecting properties. Some researchers predict that lauric acid will become as well known in health circles as Omega-3 is today.

Besides its internal nutritional value, Nutiva Coconut Oil has benefits topically too, making it a luscious and soothing massage and body oil for dry and or damaged skin. It can be used on the skin to remove makeup, moisturize and relieve dried or itchy skin. It can also be used on the hair for a deep conditioning and moisturizing treatment.

“Nutiva” Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 29oz   $23.00
“Nutiva” Organic Coconut Manna   $10.00
CREAMY WHOLE COCONUT: Coconut Manna™ is a delicious whole food, made of pure, dried coconut flesh. This tropical "melts in your mouth" treat contains 12% fiber and 9% protein and nourishing fats. Warm it up to spread the goodness. Discover great Coconut Manna™ Recipes for smoothies, sauces, dressings, desserts, icing, and ice cream. To liquefy, place jar in hot water for 2 minutes and stir. Note: the red or brown specks are characteristic of natural coconut products. Coconut Manna™ is creamy whole coconut food that will delight people looking for coconut butter, coconut cream, coconut oil butter and coconut body butter.
Coconut Milk 13.5oz Canned   $2.95
“ONE” Coconut water (1 liter)   $4.50
“KIND” Almond and Coconut fruit and nut bars (12 per box)   $18.00


Manuka Honey
Manuka Honey-MGO100+ 8.75oz   $24.00
Manuka Honey-Active 16+ 100% raw organic OMA, ECO CERT. 17.6oz   $40.00
Product of New Zealand
How Manuka Honey Works
Manuka honey destroys bacteria by drawing water out of the bacteria, impeding cell growth. Its high glucose content nourishes damaged tissue and facilitates rapid tissue regeneration. Because of its high antibacterial potency, Manuka honey has been successful in healing wounds infected by methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA. Additional pathogens successfully treated with Manuka honey include strep, pseudomonas aeruginosa, salmonella, shigella, heliobactor pylori and E-coli. It can be applied directly into a wound and is such an effective wound healer. The digestive tract plays a major role in immunity. Manuka honey, when taken internally, has been shown to provide effective support to the immune system in treating a variety of digestive tract issues such as acid reflux, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis and stomach ulcers. Feel a cold or sore throat coming on? Manuka honey is good for these, too, as well as sinusitis. In one study, this honey was even found to be successful in clearing an eye infection.


White Tea
An Ji White Tea (An Ji Bai Cha) green and white tea 2 oz. bag   $15.00
Research has found that the tea plant has low chlorophyll and polyphenol content which explains the whitish-green tea leaves, but it is also very rich in amino acids. It has almost twice the amount comparing to other green teas.
Amino acid helps suppress cortisol and reduces stress. Also aids in weight loss.


Green Tea
Long Jing Dragonwell green tea 2 oz. bag   $15.00
The most famous green tea in China is Long Jing (Dragon Well) which grows in the hills around the West Lake area of Hangzhou. In fact, Long Jing has over a hundred year history as a Tribute Tea and was previously only served to emperors and high officials. While Long Jing is very popular, Shi Feng Long Jing is considered the highest quality and is from the original home of Long Jing, Shi Feng. It requires great skill to hand fry the tea buds and fresh leaves to create Long Jing’s unique flat shape. We are privileged to be the first foreign company to offer Shi Feng Long Jing directly from famous tea master Weng Shang Yi. He has been making only thin handmade Tribute Tea for the last sixty years. We hope that you will enjoy the full-bodied flavor of this remarkable tea.


Flavored and Medicinal Teas
Flavored organic tea   $5.00

Roasted Chestnut: hand blend exquisite Chestnuts/Almonds with organic black/roasted mate & houjicha green to create a rich aroma and delicious flavor.

Georgia on My Mind: hand blend exquisite Ginger & Peach with organic Ceylon black to create a rich aroma and sweet fruit flavor.

Mango Rose Green: hand blend exquisite Mango & Rosebuds with organic green/white/Oolong to create a rich aroma and sweet floral flavor. This tea gives you a soothing calm feeling.

Tropical Mango Green: hand blend exquisite Mango with organic green tea to create a rich aroma and sweet fruit flavor. This tea gives you a soothing calm feeling.

Puerh Tea – 20pc 5g Cakes (5 cups per cake)   $12.99
Puer teas come from Yunnan province and will improve with age. Some are still drinkable at age 50. They come in green, black, white and brick tea. These are teas that have medicinal qualities and are highly prized by the connoisseur. The tea leaves are withered, then, still slightly moist; they’re heaped into piles where a bacterium creates a reaction. The leaves are then dried loose or compressed into tea bricks or cakes. According to a Song dynasty scientific reference, the peoples of the Yunnan-Tibet border have drunk Puer since the Tang dynasty. The troops of Kublai Khan, “pacifying” the southwest after the 13th century Mongol conquest, are said to have introduced Puer to the rest of China for its medicinal value. Bricks of Puer tea constituted the first medium of monetary exchange used by nomads beyond the Great Wall of China, recorded in Chinese records as early as A.D. 476


Goji Berries
King of the organic Goji Berries 16 oz. bags   $15.00
Of the many varieties of Lycium, the Tibetan Lycium berry has earned the respect of the great physicians of Tibet over these many centuries. The Tibetan variety of Lycium now known as ‘Goji’ is considered to be the Mother of all Lyciums! It grows in very remote unpolluted hills And valleys of Tibet and Mongolia, in soil so rich in nutrients that the berries are exploding.

Here are just a few ways Goji supports a healthy life:

• Protect the liver – less fatigue
• Help eyesight – supports kidney function
• Improve sexual function and fertility – boosts libido
• Increases metabolic activity – burns fat and aids digestion
• Boost immune function – Lymphocytes, Interleukin 2, Immunoglobulin
• Improve circulation – supports quality energy levels
• Promote longevity – brings life support to all internal organs and the whole body
• Rich in phytonutrients, antioxidants, particularly Caratenoids such as beta- carotene and zeaxanthin.
• Test studies are showing that Goji berries may prevent the growth of cancer cells, reduce blood glucose, and lower cholesterol levels.
• Goji has unique bioactive polysaccharides (LBP) – key markers to high immunity response

Savor each berry individually or add to hot and cold cereals, blender fruit juice drinks, add a handful to your water bottle and eat them as you drink, use in trail mix, soups, whole fruit and nut bars, baked goods, tea and fruit juice blends.


Tea Sets
Beautiful and authentic tea sets (tea pot and 4 tea cups)   $30.00


Tea Cups
Individual Tea cups for loose tea (make and drink)   $10.00


Organic Foods

Flax Seed – Rich in omega-3 & -6, fiber & lignans   $4.69
French Roast Café Altura organic coffee 12oz   $7.00
Chia Seeds – antioxidant~Omega-3 fatty acids~calcium~fyber 16oz   $10.00
A relaxing magnesium Supplement ~ Organic Sweet Lemon Flavor ~ Balances your calcium intake ~ Restores Healthy Magnesium Levels 16oz (435g)

Natural Calm Organic Raspberry-Lemon 8oz (226g)   $23.00
Henry and Lisa’s
Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon 6oz
BPA Free can ~ 711 MG Omega-3
Solid white Albacore Tuna
Sashimi grade ~ fully cooked tenderloin ~ 5 oz ~ BPA Free can ~ 2800 MG of omega-3
Wild Planet
Wild Albacore Tuna Fillets 4.5oz
2,940 mg omega-3 ~ packed in glass jar
Wild Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Lightly smoked ~ 4.375 oz ~
BPA free can ~ 885MG DHA ~ 219MG EPA of Omega-3
Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon 6 oz ~
BPA Free can ~ contain 532MG Omega-3 per can
Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon 6oz ~
BPA Free can ~ Contains 532MG omega-3 per can
Wild Albacore Tuna 5 oz ~
BPA Free can ~ 3,460 MG Omega-3
Wild Skipjack Light Tuna 5 oz ~ BPA Free Can ~ 1,752 MG Omega-3
100% all natural! 1, 4-Dioxane Free, Formaldehyde free, Petrochemical Free, Neutral Ph
ECOS 2x Ultra “Magnolia & lily”
All natural laundry detergent ~ Coconut oil base fabric softener & cleaner for sensitive skin ~ Made with 100% natural oils ~ 50 loads HE or 25 standard
ECOS 2x ULTRA “Free and Clear”
All natural laundry detergent 50 loads HE or 25 standard
Hugo Naturals Volumizing Shampoo
Vanilla & Sweet Orange 12fl oz.
Hugo Naturals Volumizing Conditioner
Vanilla & Sweet Orange 12fl oz.
Hugo Naturals All over Lotion Face and Body
Vanilla & Sweet Orange 8fl oz.
Organic Lotion for hands and body
Lavender Coconut Lightly Scented
Crystal Body Deodorant Roll-on
Hypoallergenic ~ Fragrance ~ Paraben Free ~ No Aluminum Chlorohydrate ~ 2.25fl oz. 66ml
Crystal Essence Lavender & white Tea Mineral Deodorant
Roll-on ~ Hypoallergenic ~ Paraben Free ~ No Aluminum Chlorohydrate
Dr. Ken’s All Natural Tooth Past with green tea extract
Winter green ~ Fluoride-Free Gel ~ Papain and Silica ~ Freshens Breath ~ Whitens Teeth ~ Natural Antioxidant ~ Fights Odor Causing Bacteria
Toms Fluoride-Free Toothpaste
Natural ~ Anti plaque ~ Whitening ~ Fresh Breath ~ Helps Fight Tarter ~ Peppermint
We also have the SkinCeuticals line! Call for prices.    


Dry Eyes & Lid Hygiene
OCuSOFT “original” or “plus” Foaming eye lid cleanser
Sooths~ Relieves irritation ~ Removes contaminants
  Sm. $12.00
Lg. $20.00
OCuSOFT “original” or “extra strength” Pre· Moistened pads
Cleans ~ Comforts ~ Refreshes ~ Sooths (30 individually wrapped)
Oasis Tears PLUS Preservative free lubricant eye drop (30 single uses)   $24.00
Oasis tears Multi dose Lubricant eye drop in dropper   $15.00


Water in Glass Bottles
Sparkling or Still
Voss water (glass) · sparkling or still 27.1oz.   $4.75
Saratoga Natural Spring Water (Beautiful blue glass bottle) 28fl. Oz.   $3.25
Saratoga Natural Spring Water (Beautiful blue glass bottle) 12fl. Oz.   $2.00
Saratoga glass bottled water can also be sold by the case ~ call for details
The Dangers of Drinking from Plastic Bottles and Use of Plastic in Microwave

Not all plastic is created equal. Actually, recyclable plastic comes in varieties #1 through #7, a designation that should be clearly marked on each container. Each of these types of plastic is made up of different chemicals and should be treated differently when using. For example, plastics #1, #3, #6 and #7 are not recommended for certain uses, while plastics #2, #4 and #5 are believed to be safer.

Much of the concern related to consuming from plastic bottles is due to the possibility of ingesting Bisphenol’s.

Plastic should not be used in the microwave. The heat and radio waves can cause plastic containers to break down and leech into the food it is holding. Avoid putting plastic wrap in the microwave as well.


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Toll Free (866) 503-9746
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What Are The Health Benefits Of Omega Three?

Dr. Michael Lange, OD CNS explains the differences between triglyceride form fish oil and ethyl ester fish oils. Learn to enjoy the benefits of omega three fatty acids by taking a high quality omega three fish oil with improved bio availability and absorption. Fortifeye Super Omega provides the benefits of omega three fatty acids with higher EPA and DHA values in a triple molecularly distilled and concentrated triglyceride form fish oil.

November 20, 2010 by Michael Lange OD, CNS


Omega three fatty acids are creating quite a lot of excitement and media coverage due to their potential health benefits.

What are the health benefits of omega three?Krill oil, fish oil, flax seed oil and squid oils all claim to be the best omega three sources. However, all of the different sources of omega three can be quite confusing to the consumer as well as the physician. What is the best source of omega three fatty acids? Which omega three oils have been studied the most? Where should you purchase your omega three fatty acids? Whom do you trust when purchasing omega three fatty acids?

Clearing up the confusion surrounding omega three fish oils

Recent negative media publicity on ‘Good Morning America’ in March 2010 alluded to the fact that many of the fish oils being purchased over the counter at some of the local commercial wholesale clubs and drugstores were contaminated with higher than acceptable amounts of PCB, a persistent organic pollutant banned in 1979 but still present in ocean waters.. This combined with Whole Foods Markets discontinuing all krill supplements sold in their stores for sustainability concerns has really created a lot of confusion about omega three.

Fish oil and cardiovascular disease

Omega three essential fatty acids are crucial for life and essential for optimal health. Demographic studies indicate that populations that consume more fresh fish are less prone to a variety of diseases. Populations that consume higher than normal levels of cold water fish have less heart disease and are less likely to have a fatal heart attack. The Inuit Indians of Greenland are an example of a particular culture that reaps the benefits of a diet higher in omega three fatty acids. The cultures that consume more cold water fatty fish seem to be less likely to have cardiovascular disease.

Sources of omega three

Wild Alaskan salmonMost of the large clinical studies that have documented the positive health benefits of omega three fatty acids have used fish consumption or fish oil consumption. There are thousands of studies supporting the positive health benefits of omega three from fish and fish oil. The FDA has given a “qualified health claim” for omega three fatty acids EPA and DHA stating “supportive but not conclusive research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.” The medical community has readily accepted these positive health benefits and is prescribing and recommending fish oil supplements to their patients. Many consumers are also becoming proactive in their health and practicing prevention by consuming more fish or purchasing fish oil supplements from the drug store or health food store. However, one must be careful with consuming too much fish because of the potential contaminants that are in particular types of fish. With all of the contaminants that are accidentally and purposely deposited into the oceans it is becoming more and more difficult to recommend consuming large amounts of fish. I personally feel that most sardines, wild Alaskan salmon and wild caught rainbow trout are still species of fish that are relatively safe. I do not recommend people to consume large amounts of tuna, grouper, sword fish, redfish or other large predatory fish, and I am reluctant to eat anything from the Gulf of Mexico since the BP oil spill. I highly recommend people avoid farm raised fish especially farm raised salmon. Farm raised salmon have a higher ratio of omega six than wild caught salmon and are relatively high in contaminants and contain a synthetic astaxanthin (a dye in place of real astaxanthin) that gives it the orange color.

Ethyl ester fish oil versus triglyceride form fish oil – which is better?

Omega three fish oil basically comes in two readily available forms, ethyl ester fish oil and triglyceride form fish oil. I do not recommend taking the ethyl ester version of omega three fish oil for a variety of reasons. The ethyl ester form of fish oil is highly unstable and therefore it can oxidize and become rancid quicker than the triglyceride form of fish oil. If you open up a capsule of fish oil and it smells really bad and then you bite into it and it tastes really bad then it is possible it is rancid. This is one of the reasons many people get a nasty after taste or problems burping up an unpleasant taste from the ethyl ester form of fish oil. Studies also indicate that the triglyceride form omega three fish oil absorbs much faster and more efficiently therefore increasing bio availability. Most fish oil that is being sold OTC or as a prescription in the United States is the ethyl ester version because it is significantly less expensive to manufacture. The final phase in the purification of a triglyceride form fish oil requires the ethyl ester molecule to be cleaved off and replaced with a triglyceride molecule thus making it a more natural omega three fish oil than the ethyl ester version. The triglyceride form omega three fish oils are highly concentrated and highly refined and purified making them the ideal choice for consumers. If you do not know if your fish oil is an ethyl ester version or triglyceride version then call the customer service department on the bottle. You can also squeeze the contents of your fish oil into a Styrofoam cup and see what happens. If the cup starts to melt after 15 to 20 minutes then you have an ethyl ester version. However, some products with very low concentrations of ethyl ester fish oil may not melt the cup. When looking for a triglyceride form fish oil look for levels of the essential fatty acids EPA and DHA that will truly have some effect. I recommend finding an omega three fish oil supplement that has an EPA between 400-450 per gel cap and a DHA of around 250-300 per gel cap. These are the levels that I have studied using the latest in omega three testing and have found that the consumption of two gel caps a day of this concentration can increase your omega index to a desirable level over 8%. The omega 3 index measures the concentration of EPA and DHA as a percent of total essential fatty acids in the red blood cell membranes. Recent research is proving that the desirable level for cardio protection is an omega index over 8%. This research claims that levels greater than 8% correlate with a 90% reduction in the potential for a fatal heart attack. The vast majority of Americans have an omega index around 4%.

Are all omega three fatty acids pretty much the same?

I have tested numerous ethyl ester fish oils, flax seed oils and krill oils and have not found anywhere near the improvements in the omega index with these other types of omega three fatty acids. So all omega three supplements are not created equal! Most of the inferior brands of fish oil will be relatively inexpensive. A highly refined and purified triglyceride form omega three fish oil will cost between $20- $45 for a one month supply. I recommend investing in your health and spending a little extra when purchasing a fish oil supplement.

What are the health benefits of omega three fish oil?

Omega three fatty acids have been associated with a variety of positive health benefits. Omega three fatty acids are associated with a healthier heart, decreasing your risk of a heart attack, and new studies also indicate it may help lessen the chances of developing atrial fibrillation. Omega three fatty acids may help improve cognitive abilities and reduce depression. Increased circulation to the brain and the entire body is also one of the benefits of omega three consumption. Omega three fatty acids may slow down chromosomal aging by slowing down the rate the end cap of a chromosome (the telomere) shortens. Omega three is a very potent natural anti-inflammatory and may help with a variety of inflammatory conditions in the body. Many people notice improved health of their skin, nails and hair after consuming a good omega three supplement. Omega three consumption is proving to be helpful in patients with dry eye, meibomian gland dysfunction and macular degeneration. Ischemic stroke reduction and the treatment of elevated triglycerides are potential benefits of taking a good omega three fish oil. Children experience increased attention span and are less likely to be diagnosed with ADHD when they consume more omega three fatty acids. Taking a good triglyceride form omega three fish oil on a daily basis is one step in prevention that everyone at any age should be taking. Another recent study suggests that an increase in omega three fish oil may decrease prevalence of breast cancer and prostate cancer.

How do I choose between fish, krill, squid or flax seed oil?

Earlier in the article I stated, “All omega threes are not created equal.” This is so true. You hear infomercials, you see ads in magazines and the paper, and watch talk show hosts on television all promoting their particular omega three, all the while stating they offer “the best on the market”. How do you figure out what is legitimate and what is marketing hype? I think all omega three experts will agree that the most bio available form of omega three comes from marine sources like fish, squid or krill. Plant based omega three are not a readily available source of the two most important essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Flax seed oil is a poor source of omega three essential fatty acids and it oxidizes very quickly. It may be rancid by the time you consume it. Chia, hemp, perilla and marine plant life may be a better plant source of omega three fatty acids than flax seed oil. You must determine which form of omega three is right for you. If you have a shell fish allergy you should stay away from krill oil since it is possible to have an allergic reaction to krill oil. The proteins and antigens are not refined out of the krill oil. I think krill has a future as a good alternative to omega three fish oil; however the concentration of krill in most supplements is still relatively low and quite expensive. Krill does have phospholipids that improve the absorption of this omega three and a small amount of astaxanthin (a super carotenoid) naturally in the oil. If there becomes available a more concentrated, highly refined krill oil on the market, then I may change my mind. However, at this time the majority of krill oil only has approximately 40 to 100 mg per serving of total omega three and this amount has shown very limited improvement in the omega three index and other omega blood studies we have been analyzing. Krill oil studies are very limited at this time and therefore it is very difficult to determine the potential positive or negative impact krill may have. A good quality omega three concentrated triglyceride fish oil will have an omega three value of approximately 1500-1600 per serving combined EPA, DHA and DPA. There are some that say krill is being over harvested in the Antarctic region and this could hurt the ecological system. This is why Whole Foods pulled all krill off the shelves in early 2010.

Get a good quality highly refined triglyceride form fish oil

I think squid oil has a future as a player in the omega three industry, but currently I do not recommend it since it is still an ethyl ester form fish oil. However, once squid oil is available in the triglyceride form I think it will be a good alternative to TG form fish oil. There is a class action suit that was initiated in early 2010 claiming many of the ethyl ester fish oils that are purchased at the local drug store, warehouse club or vitamin store were filled with higher than acceptable levels of contaminants, especially PCPs. Consumers must be careful when purchasing fish oil from a local store or on the Internet unless you know what you are getting. Ethyl ester fish oils may taste and smell bad due to a fast rate of oxidation. These oils have a much poorer rate of absorption than a triglyceride form fish oil and may have higher than the acceptable levels of contaminants in the oil. I recommend spending a little extra money to get a good quality highly refined triglyceride form fish oil and start to gain the valuable health benefits of omega three fatty acids from fish oil. When looking at the label make sure it states triglyceride form or TG form fish oil on the bottle. If it doesn’t say it, it probably isn’t a triglyceride form.

The highest quality omega three fish oil possible

Fortifeye Super Omega-3 Fish Oil box imageAfter becoming very frustrated with the lack of good quality fish oil available to the consumer at the local drug stores and health food stores I decided to develop the highest quality omega three fish oil possible. Years of research and a trip to the most advanced omega three factories in the world in Norway led to the development of Fortifeye Super Omega, a highly refined and concentrated triglyceride form fish oil with an EPA of almost 900 and a DHA of almost 600 in two gel caps. This omega three fish oil is designed to be swallowed or chewed. It has a very good natural lemon flavor and has no after taste or odor. This is a great fish oil for patients that have difficulty swallowing or vegetarians that do not want to swallow the gel outer capsule. This high quality omega three fish oil is independently evaluated to be free of any contaminants. Fortifeye Vitamins has done multiple blood tests proving the superior bio availability and absorption properties. The omega three index rises significantly at two weeks and almost 100% of participants in the studies had an omega index of over 8% after one month with a daily dose of two capsules. Studies suggest that an omega index greater than 8% correlates with a 90% reduction in the possibility of a fatal heart attack. Doctors all over the globe are recommending Fortifeye Super Omega and thousands of people world wide are enjoying the health benefits of this higher quality fish oil. Fortifeye Super Omega is concentrated and refined by one of the most experienced teams in Ålesund, Norway. If you want the very best fish oil then consider taking Fortifeye Super Omega. You can purchase this highly purified and concentrated omega three fish oil at www.fortifeye.com or call toll free 1 866 503-9746. Do it today. Take a step into the right direction of prevention and become proactive in your health. If you want to know for sure if your omega three supplement is helping you or wasting your money ask your physician to run an omega three blood test. You can learn more about the new at-home omega three blood test at www.fortifeye.com.

Dr. Michael P. Lange, O.D., C.N.S.
Dr. Michael P. Lange
Board Certified Optometric Physician and Board Certified Nutritional Specialist

Dr. Michael P. Lange
Board Certified Optometric Physician
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Syndicated Daily Talk Show Host (Ask the Doctor)
CEO and founder of Lange Eye Care and Associates
CEO and founder of the Lange Eye Institute
CEO of Lange Sun and Nutrition Centers
November 20, 2010


Author: Dr. Michael Lange, Ocala, Florida, Optometric Physician and Certified Nutrition Specialist is involved in multiple nutrition, bio availability and absorption studies. Dr Lange’s nine eye care wellness centers, Lange Eye Care and Associates, utilize the latest in omega three nutrition to help their patients on a daily basis. Dr. Michael Lange and the Lange Eye Care team use specific intracellular and plasma blood tests in a clinical setting to help determine what levels of specific nutrients are right for their patients. Dr Lange preaches the power of proper nutrition, exercise and life style changes daily on his radio talk show “Ask The Doctor“, to his patients in clinical rotations, the public at seminars and to doctors from all over the world at conferences. Dr Lange reaches out to many others via the Internet in forums and through numerous articles he has authored. Learn more about Dr. Lange and view his fish oil comparison demonstration at www.DrMichaelLange.com.


Lange Eye Care Locations

Gainesville Office
Lange Eye Care and Associates
3968 SW Archer Road W101
Gainesville, Florida 32608
Phone: 352-376-6622

Ocala Office
Lange Eye Care and Associates
3101 SW College Road
Ocala, Florida 34474
Phone: 352-237-3768

Triple Crown Plaza Office
Lange Eye Care and Associates
11100 SW 93rd Court Road
Suite 15
Ocala, Florida 34481
Phone: 352-291-2000

Summerfield Office
Lange Eye Care Vision Outlet Center
Unit #604 Highway 441S
Summerfield, Florida
Phone: 352-307-3273

Inverness Office
Lange Eye Care and Associates
3808 E. Gulf to Lake Highway
Inverness, FL 34453
Phone: 352-344-5110

Clearwater Offices
Lange Eye Care Optical Gallery & LASIK Center
23666 U. S. Highway 19 North
Clearwater, FL 33765
Phone: 727-791-1214

Lange Sun and Nutrition Center
2551 Drew Street
Suite 302
Clearwater, FL 33765
Phone: 727-216-6275

Williston Office
Lange Eye Care And Associates
129 S. W. 7th Street
Williston, FL 32696
Phone: 352-528-0433

The Villages Office
Lange Eye Institute
466 and CR101
The Villages, Florida
Phone: 352-753-4014





Map and Directions

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More information: Dr. Michael P. Lange is a Board Certified Optometric Physician and a Certified Nutrition Specialist who started Lange Eye Care and Associates in Ocala, Florida, in March 1993. Lange Eye Care has grown to nine locations throughout the state of Florida with three Lasik centers. The Lange Eye Institute at The Villages in central Florida is home base for many of the nutritional studies that Fortifeye is involved in. Dr. Lange is one of the first doctors in the industry to utilize intracellular blood tests and blood absorption studies to improve the Fortifeye vitamin line. Dr. Lange travels the world for nutritional research gathering valuable information to continuously improve Fortifeye vitamin formulations. Dr. Lange is still involved in the clinical practice of eyecare. He is a guest lecturer, contributing author to many eyecare magazines, and a daily syndicated talk show host of ‘Ask The Doctor’ which broadcasts every weekday at 9am and Saturdays at 2pm from Tampa Bay on radio stations throughout the country and video streaming all over the world via the Internet.





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All Fortifeye products are produced in a GMP, FDA and NNFA inspected facility that supplies products to the nutraceutical industry. Fortifeye is also approved by the Therapeutics Goods Association, the leading regulatory authority for nutraceuticals world wide and by NSF.