Ask the Doctor Radio Show – May 20, 2017

Dr. Michael Lange optometric physician and certified nutrition specialist talks about New Zealand whey protein and its health benefits. Dr. Lange has developed a whey protein concentrate from grass fed pastured New Zealand cows called Fortifeye Super Protein. He has also developed a non denatured whey protein concentrate with no guar gum, lecithin, stevia or flavor what so ever called Naked Super Protein. Dr Michael lange talks about glutathione and boosting the immune system by drinking a New Zealand whey protein drink daily. During this one hr talk show he also takes many live calls from listeners discussing many other eye and nutrition topics. YOu can learn more about the supplements dr lange has developed at

Ask the Doctor Radio Show – May 14, 2017

Dr. Michael Lange discusses paleo energy bars and paleo bars developed by Paleo Simplified. Dr. Lange also talks about Honey Nut Fruit crunch and Carolina sweet potato crunch both made by Paleo Simplified. Dr Lange loves these products because they are filled with superfoods and contain no binders, fillers, artificial sweeteners or dyes. Paleo Simplified bars and crunch are non gmo , gluten free and contain low glycemic index nutrients. “Food is medicine ” is preached frequently on his talk show “ask the dr”. Dr. Michael Lange is a big advocate of the Paleo diet however he does allow milk derived form a2 cows or goats since they both have a2 beta caseine and not the harmful a1 beta caseine that is in most dairy. Dr Lange has developed his own anti aging diet called ‘The Lange Diet” that is becoming quite popular with his patients and his radio listeners. The rest of show has many live callers asking Dr. Lange a multitude of eye and nutrition topics.

Ask the Doctor Radio Show – April 23, 2017

Dr. Michael Lange, Dr Scott Drexler and Chef Al Rosas discuss how food is medicine. They all 3 talk about natural approaches to eye diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration and glaucoma. A small discussion on apple cider vinegar and honey to aid in digestion. Benefits of cayenne pepper discussed with a caller. Discussed consuming organic fruits and vegetables and the paleo diet. Dr. Lange and Al Rosas commented on a company Paleo Simplified and how they make all natural paleo energy / protein bars that are delicious. All 3 experts discussed fortifeye organic blue green superfood and the potential health benefits from consuming it. Dr. Drexler discussed the benefits of using scleral contact lenses for dry eye. Dr Lange discussed the use of amniotic membranes for dry eyes. Both Dr. Lange and Dr. Drexler commented on punctual occlusion for certain types of dry eye conditions and not agreed to always try a natural approach for dry eyes. Many more topics were addressed with live callers on a broad range of ocular and nutritional topics.

Ask the Doctor Radio Show – April 16, 2017

Dr. Michael Lange discusses his opinion on krill oil vs triglyceride form omega 3 fish oil. Dr. Lange also talks about the llama II study and specific macular carotenoids. Carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin isomers not only increase macular pigment density but new studies prove lower cortisol and decreases psychological stress. Fortifeye Focus has the exact ratio of carotenoids that were in the llama II study. Dr. Michael Lange also takes many other live calls regarding eye care and nutrition.

Ask the Doctor Radio Show – April 8, 2017

Dr. Michael Lange and Chef Al Rosas ( the organic chef) discuss the benefits of drinking A2 cows milk over A1 cows milk. They also discuss Fortifeye Super protein how it is derived from grass fed A2 cows raised in New Zealand. Dr Lange mentions the Lange Diet and also talks a little about his new Fortifeye Naked Super Protein. Dr Lange and Al Rosas take many live calls on the radio regarding nutrition and eye care. brief discussion in regards to vitamin k and k2 and overall health.

Ask the Doctor Radio Show – March 25, 2017

Dr Michael Lange discusses how improving the micro flora in our gut, the microbiome, the inner eco system will help improve the immune system and fight against allergies, bacterial infections, viral infections and fungal problems. Dr Michael Lange takes many live calls on this show discussing the latest in anti aging of the eye and entire body. Great show. He does discuss The Lange Diet in some detail during the show. He discusses early detection of general health problems with an eye exam. talks about cutting edge technology Anniddis Rha and helping to detect disease early. Dr Lange also talks about fortifeye once daily multivitamin he has developed.Dr Lange also talks about how to get 50% off Fortifeye Complete Once Daily multivitamin/ eye vitamin.

Ask the Doctor Radio Show – March 19, 2017

Dr Michael Lange discusses many topics live with callers. He discusses natural weight loss and the Lange diet a little during this segment. Dr Lange also discusses nutrition and vitamins for macular degeneration during “ask the dr”. He ran a great 30% discount during the program for three days if you put the radio station number into the promo code section on Fortifeye website.

Ask the Doctor Radio Show – March 11, 207

The beginning of the show Dr Michael Lange discusses with a caller the natural ways to stimulate nitrous oxide and L-arginine. Dr Lange also discusses the importance of proper nutrition and supplementation for macular degeneration and dry eyes. Many other callers discuss eye and nutrition related problems. Dr Lange touched briefly on his plan for automobile racing and the Firestone Grand Prix in St pete Florida. Dr Lange touched briefly onThe Lange diet as well.

A few fast solo laps at Bondurant Race School with Dr Michael Lange

Bondurant race school in Arizona teaches you to drive fast, smooth and safe as possible! Dr Michael Lange in this video driving 2016 Dodge Viper TA with aero package around the Bondurant Speedway. The school was four days or intense driving instruction, 3 days in vipers , and skid cars and final day in Formula cars. It is worth every cent you spend, This school not only helps u on the track but helps u on the city streets as well!

Ask the Doctor Radio Show – March 4, 2017

Dr Michael Lange discusses how an eye exam can actually help to detect potential Alzheimer’s in the early stages. He also discusses altering diet, lifestyle and specific supplements that may be beneficial for the Alzheimer’s patients. discussion with hearing specialist and audiologist about the link between hearing impairment and Alzheimer’s . Dr Lange also takes calls from patients about avast in injections for retinal health and a call discussing Vitamin D and vitamin C. Dr Lange discusses weight management and the ” Lange Diet” in some detail. Many other live callers ask Dr Lange’s opinions on many other topics.