Ask the Doctor Radio Show – May 29, 2017

Discussion on critical difference in omega 3 fish oil with Dr Michael Lange. Dr. Lange goes over the difference between ethyl ester fish oil vs triglyceride form fish oil . He discusses why he developed Fortifeye super omega and the benefits of this type of omega 3 fish oil over the type u can buy over the counter. Dr lange also discusses magnesium and vitamin d with callers. Dr Lange answers many other live calls during “ask the dr” on nutrition and eye care. Filtering the blue light is also discussed with a caller and how a lens called Blue Light Defense is what he recommends. Filtering the blue light in the pm will help improve sleep patterns and also protect the eye from the damaging blue rays. Dr Lange also states his new race car has finally come in and he will be heading to Sebring for a race in middle of June. His new car he will be tracking is a 2017 Dodge Viper ACR Voodoo 2. There are only 31 Voodoo 2 cats made and this is also the last year the viper will be made. Tune in each Saturday am for Dr Michael Lange and “ask the dr” talk show.

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