Ask the Doctor Radio Show – May 14, 2017

Dr. Michael Lange discusses paleo energy bars and paleo bars developed by Paleo Simplified. Dr. Lange also talks about Honey Nut Fruit crunch and Carolina sweet potato crunch both made by Paleo Simplified. Dr Lange loves these products because they are filled with superfoods and contain no binders, fillers, artificial sweeteners or dyes. Paleo Simplified bars and crunch are non gmo , gluten free and contain low glycemic index nutrients. “Food is medicine ” is preached frequently on his talk show “ask the dr”. Dr. Michael Lange is a big advocate of the Paleo diet however he does allow milk derived form a2 cows or goats since they both have a2 beta caseine and not the harmful a1 beta caseine that is in most dairy. Dr Lange has developed his own anti aging diet called ‘The Lange Diet” that is becoming quite popular with his patients and his radio listeners. The rest of show has many live callers asking Dr. Lange a multitude of eye and nutrition topics.

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